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1. For EIGRP, which of the 5 K values are used by default? (choose all that apply)

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2. By default, when EIGRP is enabled, it can use up to __% of the interface bandwidth to send EIGRP packets.

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3. In terms of EIGRP, when working with the interface bandwidth and delay values, it is very important to remember that adjusting the interface bandwidth value does not automatically adjust the interface delay value, and vice-versa.

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4. Like the bandwidth and delay commands, the offset list directly influences the calculation of the EIGRP metric.

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5. EIGRP Feasible Successor (FS) routes are placed into the IP routing table.

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6. For EIGRP, in order for a route to become a Feasible Successor route, it must meet the Feasibility Condition (FC), which occurs only when the Reported Distance to the destination network is _____ the
Feasible Distance.

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7. Both the ______ Distance and the ______ Distance are stored in the EIGRP Topology Table.

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8. The contents of the EIGRP Topology Table are viewed using the show ip eigrp _____ command.

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9. To prevent Stuck-In-Active (SIA) issues due to delayed responses from other EIGRP neighbors, the local router can be configured to wait for longer than the default of three minutes to receive responses back to its Query packets using the _________ command in router configuration mode.

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10. Distribute lists can be used in conjunction with? (choose all that apply)

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11. Which command will generate the below output?

Prefix-list with the last deletion/insertion: R2ONLYip prefix-list ALLROUTES:Description: ‘Allow All Routes’count: 1, range entries: 1, sequences: 5 - 5, refcount: 3seq 5 permit le 32 (hit count: 5, refcount: 1)ip prefix-list R2ONLY:Description: ‘Allow Only R2 Updates’count: 1, range entries: 0, sequences: 5 - 5, refcount: 4seq 5 permit (hit count: 5, refcount: 1)

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12. Like EIGRP, OSPF also supports distribute lists.

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13. By default, when external routing information is redistributed into EIGRP, the external routes are assigned a default metric of infinity. The only three exceptions to this rule are? (choose all that apply)

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14. You see the below configuration on your router:

R4(config)#router eigrp 4R4(config-router)#default-metric 10000 100 255 1 1500R4(config-router)#exitWhat is the configured MTU value?

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15. When redistributing OSPF routes into EIGRP, a metric of '1544 2000 255 1 1500' is automatically assigned.

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16. BGP runs directly over ___, using port ___.

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17. BGP does not need to worry about update retransmissions, fragmentation, acknowledgements, and sequencing because these are all performed by the underlying protocol, TCP.

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18. BGP Autonomous system numbers ___ through ______ are considered public AS numbers that can be used on the Internet.

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19. The AS_PATH attribute serves which two primary functions?

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20. For eBGP peers to set the NEXT_HOP IP address to a value other than that of the local BGP speaker, a ______ must be used.

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21. Match the BGP type code with the correct attribute.
































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22. To enable RIPng use which global configuration command?

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23. EIGRPv6 uses IPv6 Multicast address _____ instead of the group address used by EIGRPv4.

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24. For EIGRPv6, neighbors must be in the same subnet in order to form a neighbor relationship.

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25. Both OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 can run on the same router.

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26. OSPFv3 uses two standard IPv6 Multicast addresses. Th e Multicast address ____ is the equivalent of the AllSPFRouters Multicast address used in OSPFv2, while the Multicast address _____ address is the AllDRRouters Multicast address and is the equivalent of the group address used in OSPFv2.

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27. Similar to both RIPng and EIGRPv6, there are no network commands used when enabling OSPFv3.

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28. You need to redistribute connected prefixes into EIGRPv6. Tick which commands you would use.

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29. Within IPv6, ICMPv6 is used for which of the following? (choose all that apply)

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30. GRE is the default encapsulation protocol used on Tunnel interfaces in Cisco IOS software if one is not explicitly configured.

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31. The minimum MTU for any link in IPv6 networks is ____ bytes.

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32. Secure VPN technologies include which of the following? (choose all that apply)

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33. ______ VPNs provide private communications between two or more separate entities.

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34. Which command will generate the below information?

Crypto Map “VPN-EXAMPLE” 1 ipsec-isakmpDescription: ‘Secure VPN Tunnel To (R1)’Peer = IP access list 100access-list 100 permit ip peer: association lifetime: 4608000 kilobytes/3600 secondsPFS (Y/N): NTransform sets={ESP-3DES-SHA,}Interfaces using crypto map VPN-EXAMPLE:Serial0/0

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35. Which VPN solution has the below features?
  • Permanent VPN connections between hub and spokes
  • Dynamic VPN connections between spokes
  • Used for large VPN implementations
  • Dynamic routing protocol support
  • Best solution for secure data communication over the Internet

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36. Floating static routes are simply static routes that are configured with a higher administrative distance than the primary route, which can be either statically configured or learned dynamically using a
routing protocol.

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37. OSPF runs directly over __ using protocol number __.

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38. OSPF uses different default network types for different media, which are as follows? (choose all that apply)

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39. Which IOS command produces the below output?

Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is upInternet Address, Area 0Process ID 2, Router ID, Network Type NON_BROADCAST, Cost: 64Transmit Delay is 1 sec, State DR, Priority 1Designated Router (ID), Interface address Designated router (ID), Interface address intervals configured, Hello 30, Dead 120, Wait 120, Retransmit 5oob-resync timeout 120Hello due in 00:00:00Supports Link-local Signaling (LLS)Index 2/2, flood queue length 0Next 0x0(0)/0x0(0)Last flood scan length is 2, maximum is 2Last flood scan time is 0 msec, maximum is 0 msecNeighbor Count is 1, Adjacent neighbor count is 1Adjacent with neighbor (Backup Designated Router)Suppress Hello for 0 neighbor(s)

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40. There is no DR/BDR election held on OSPF Broadcast point-to-multipoint network types.

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41. The primary reason for the OSPF requirement that the network type be the same on both routers is because of the _______.

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42. Regarding OSPF network types, different network types can be configured on either side of the link as long as the timer values are the same.

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43. OSPF elects a Designated Router and/or a Backup Designated Router on Broadcast and non-Broadcast network types. It is important to understand that the BDR is a mandatory component on these network types.

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44. In order for a router to be the DR or the BDR for the OSPF segment, the router must be elected. This election is based on the following. (choose all that apply)

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45. When determining the OSPF router ID, Cisco IOS selects the ____ IP address of configured Loopback interfaces. If no Loopback interfaces are configured, the software uses the _____ IP
address of all configured physical interfaces as the OSPF router ID.

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46. If an OSPF DR and a BDR exist on a multi-access network and a router with a higher priority or IP address is added to the same segment, there will be a new election.

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47. The ________ command can also be used to validate that a distribute list has been applied successfully.

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48. Routes with an administrative distance value of ___will not be installed into the IP routing table.

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49. IP SLA can measure and monitor network performance metrics such as? (choose all that apply)

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50. The IP SLA _____ is a Cisco IOS software component that is configured to respond to IP SLA request packets.

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