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1. Layer 3 switching provides the following advantages over Layer 3 routing. (choose all that apply)

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2. The largest benefit of Layer 4 Switching is that?

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3. Multilayer Switching (MLS) combines Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 switching technologies to forward packets at wire speed using hardware. Cisco supports MLS for both _____ and _____
traffic flows.

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4. Multicast flows are based on the IP address of the source device and the destination IP Multicast group address.

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5. In Cisco Catalyst switches, MLS requires the following components. (choose all that apply)

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6. Switches can use which three main forwarding techniques?

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7. Fragment-free switching waits for the collision window, which is the first __ bytes of a frame, to be accepted before forwarding the frame to its destination.

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8. In a campus network environment, the distribution layer can include several functions, as follows? (choose all that apply)

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9. A switched network is said to be converged when all ports are in a forwarding or blocking state, while a routed network is said to be converged when all routers have the same view of the network.

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10. By default, LAN switches will forward Broadcast Multicast and unknown Unicast frames.

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11. By default, routers do not forward Broadcast or Multicast packets. Instead, routers control Broadcast and Multicast packets via the following three methods.

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12. LAN switches have several advantages over bridges. (choose all that apply)

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13. The two table architectures supported by Catalyst switches are?

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14. This extended range is used for Ethernet VLANs only. These VLANs can be created, used, and deleted.

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15. The extended system ID or MAC address reduction feature is enabled by default in Cisco IOS switches via the __________ global configuration command.

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16. The following summarizes some 802.1Q features. (choose all that apply)

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17. Which command will produce the below output?

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18. Which command will configure and assign a Layer 2 access port (interface) to a VLAN on a Layer 2-capable or Multilayer switch.

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19. Which command(s) have been issued on the below switch?

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20. To prevent packets from being forwarded in a VLAN on the local switch without affecting the forwarding of packets for all other hosts in that VLAN throughout the entire switched LAN, administrators
can simply shut down the VLAN.

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21. Which command will produce the output below?

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22. The two DTP modes that a switch port can use, depending on the platform, are as follows.

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23. Which command will display the below output?

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24. The native VLAN is used by the switch to carry specific protocol traffic such as?

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25. The following configuration output illustrates how to permit all VLANs except for VLANs 100 through 200 on a configured trunk link.

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26. ______ is a Cisco proprietary Layer 2 messaging protocol that manages the addition, deletion, and renaming of VLANs on switches in the same VTP domain.

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27. Which command will produce the below output?

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28. A switch can be configured by one of the following three VTP modes?

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29. VTP _____ advertise and receive VTP information; however, they do not allow VLAN creation, modification, or deletion.

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30. The configuration revision number will always begin at?

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31. Th e VLAN Trunking Protocol uses three types of messages to communicate VLAN information throughout the VTP domain. These three message types, which are collectively referred to simply
as VTP advertisements, are as follows?

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32. By default, VTP passwords are sent in clear text.

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33. The primary goal of VTP pruning is to increase the efficiency of trunk links by eliminating unnecessary _____, ______, and ________ traffic from being propagated across the network.

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34. Which command will configure VTP pruning on a switch?

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35. VTP version 2 provides additional capabilities over version 1 which include? (choose all that apply)

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36. The STP topology of an active switched network is determined by the following three variables.

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37. A switch originates a TCN BPDU in the following two conditions?

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38. Your possible choices for the below command are?

VTP-Server(config)#spanning-tree pathcost method ?

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39. During the Spanning Tree election process, in the event of a tie, the following values will be used (in the order listed) as tie-breakers? (sort the correct order)
  • Lowest Sender Bridge ID
  • Lowest Root Bridge ID
  • Lowest Sender Port ID
  • Lowest Root Path Cost to Root Bridge

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40. Congestion management and avoidance is comprised of which three elements?

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41. In terms of Qos, all networks experience the following? (choose all that apply)

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42. HSRP version 2 uses the new Multicast address?

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43. HSRP routers exchange which three types of messages?

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44. VRRP sends advertisements to the Multicast destination address?

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45. GLBP Hello messages are sent to?

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46. The switch stack master election is held when one of the following events occurs. (choose all that apply)

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47. The Private VLAN (PVLAN) feature uses which three different types of ports?

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48. There are three primary components (or roles) in the 802.1x authentication process, as follows?

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49. There are two primary methods used to perform VLAN hopping attacks, as follows?

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50. The _______ feature is typically enabled in conjunction with DHCP snooping on untrusted Layer 2 ports.

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