Membership to this website includes access to all video courses and practice exams as well as future courses so long as your membership is active. If you cancel, your membership will expire at the next renewal date.

While the vast majority of members are honest, we’ve found over the years that the odd person wants to grab whatever they can, pay nothing and then share it all on streaming sites. For these reasons we have the following policy:

  1. You can access the entire website for 30 days or 30 videos (whichever comes first) and ask for a refund. After that, no refunds.
  2. You can cancel anytime via the My Account link on the Members menu. This is the ONLY way to cancel; you can’t rely on your emails arriving. Any chargebacks issued if you didn’t do this will be payable by you.
  3. The live Cisco racks are offered as a non-essential part of your membership. They could be withdrawn at any time due to repeated abuse by you or if Cisco changes the way they test you (e.g., if they move to GUI from the command line).

We try to be as fair as possible, so if you have any issues, please post in the forum or drop a helpdesk ticket.