Below is the link to the running configuration files for every lab and every device. In the same folder are the base configs for the TSHOOT labs 86-100. They are all hosted on and zipped. Some corporate firewalls will block so try from home if you have an issue.


It’s really important to remember (as I say in the book) that if you use different devices and interfaces then you will need to adjust the interfaces names/numbers on your devices. Same with any running configs and base TSHOOT configs.

If you don’t have access to the live racks here (members only) then I strongly recommend you use GNS3. I don’t support GNS3 but there are tons of videos on the web covering installation and how to add images. You will need to get L2 images also.

Have a go at the labs and come back to any you get stuck on later. If you think there is a mistake drop us a helpdesk ticket. Please note that we don’t give tech support for the labs because there tends to be thousands of people using our books.

Please check out our site if you need to learn the theory for CCNP.