CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Support – PT0-002

Most of the hands-on labs for this course can be completed on a virtual machine running Kali. Please note that your options may well differ from our due to your local settings. We go to great lengths to explain this in the book so please don’t get frustrated if things don’t work EXACTLY the same way for you as the did for us.

Please download all lab images here. Kindle and printed books don’t really allow us to zoom into image detail much and of course printed are in black and white. The cloud server may be blocked if you are using a work firewall so try from home.

101 Labs books contain zero theory. You learn by doing but for some subjects (such as Linux), you must have a good study guide or video course to refer to.

For the labs, we recommend you use a virtual machine and download the .iso files for Windows Server and Windows 10. Other operating systems such as Kali can also be downloaded for free.




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