Most IT video websites and training courses contain 90% theory and 10% hands-on training. We are 100% hands-on training. Our videos teach you the subject matter by showing you how to install, configure and troubleshoot the protocols and services.

Follow along with our experts as you configure routers, switches, servers, computers, IoT devices and more using free-to-download software or free trials.

We share with you all the tips and tricks you can apply to live servers and networks. You can use this experience in exams and technical job interviews and of course on live networks when you are doing the job for real.

Exam vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA are putting increasing emphasis on your hands-on skills. Exams now feature complex issues for you to configure and troubleshoot, including access lists amd spanning-tree and routing protocols.

Around 50% of your final marks will be attributed to your hands-on skills.


  • Learn on-the-job skills from industry experts
  • Gain confidence by configuring network equipment
  • Get configuration and troubleshooting tips from experts
  • Learn skills you can apply to the real world of IT
  • Increase your understanding of IT
  • Use your skills to ace exams and technical interviews


Experts agree that it’s next to impossible to learn most subjects just by reading about them or even by watching videos featuring trainers lecturing you. Instead, you need to get your hands on actual equipment.  Make mistakes, fix them and then do it all over again. That’s how you really learn!