IT Practice Exams

We all use textbooks and training videos when prepping for vendor certification exams, but practice exams are an often forgotten study tool.

IT Practice exams allow you to apply your knowledge to questions no only reinforcing your learning but also helping you to apply what you have learned from your study guides or training videos.

You can take each exam as many times as you wish. Each time round you learn more and remember more. These practice exams are an essential part of your study program and can save you hundreds of dollars in wasted fees come exam day.

Every video course on this website features 200 exam-style questions broken into four, 50-question exams.

Most exam websites charge you $100 or more per set of questions, but we include them all in your membership.

  • Apply your learning to exam-style questions
  • Improve your exam-taking speed
  • Reduce exam nerves by taking several mock exams with us
  • Use another learning tool to test your current knowledge level
  • Use practice exams when you don’t have time to do the hands-on labs


Practice exams are an almost forgotten exam prep tool. You can also use them to prepare for job interviews and online technical tests for your job applications.

Please do an IT practice exam EVERY DAY as part of your daily study routine. Don’t wait until just before the exam to start using them. Doing exams helps move knowledge from short to long-term memory. They help with speed, accuracy and of course exam technique because every exam vendor has a different way they ask questions and expect you to answer.