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How to Hot Swap a Component

Hot swapping allows you to change a network component without having to power down the device. Think servers or large network switches.

Hot swapping prevents downtime but you do need to check with the vendor that the device and component is compatible for hot swapping. This is one lab from our 101 Labs – CompTIA A+ video training course.


How to Hot Swap a Component

Lab Objective:

Learn how Hot Swap works.

Lab Purpose:

Hot Swapping allows you to add, remove or replace modules or power supplies in network devices without powering them down. You need to carefully check the documentation and any software bugs known by the manufacturer.

Lab Tool:

Packet Tracer.

Lab Topology:

Please use the following topology to complete this lab exercise:

hot swap

Lab Walkthrough:

Task 1:

Drag an ISR4331 or other modular router and 3650 multilayer switch to the desktop.

hot swap

Task 2:

Open the physical view on both devices. You will see they both have slots where you can add either modules or power supplies (PSU).

hot swappable

Task 3:

On the ISR router, drag a NIM-2T to an empty slot. You will see a warning about having to power off the device.


On your 3650 switch, drag two power supplies to the two free PSU slots.

hot swap

Task 4:

Remove one of the power supplies and then click on the CLI to view the notifications that were displayed.


You can also drag Ethernet modules into the empty uplink slots.

packet tracer


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