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IT Video Training

Don’t learn by watching; learn by doing. Follow along with our experts as you configure routers, servers, switches and more—all using free trials and free software. Or hop onto our live Cisco racks.

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IT Practice Exams

Prepare for the real thing and save hundreds of dollars in (failed) exam fees by taking our practice exams.
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Live Cisco Racks

There is no better way to prepare for the exam and for the real world of internetworking than to configure live equipment. Well now you can.
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How to Really Learn

Have you ever read an IT manual and got to the bottom of the page and remembered nothing? How about watching a lecture and being able to recall just less than 5%? It’s incredibly frustrating and yet that is how 99% of IT students try to learn. It’s no wonder the global exam pass rate is less than 50%.

Experts agree that the best way to learn and recall information is by doing. Get your hands dirty configuring IPv6 addressing, VPNs, DHCP and more. In every lab, you follow along with our experts as we show you how to configure and troubleshoot networking technology.

We add a new course every two months. Each course is backed by 200 exam-style questions to really drive the learning home.

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