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If you are a member, please drop us a comment in the forum and we will respond within 24 hours.

What is the site about?

We’ve been working and teaching in IT since 2000. We quickly realized that the dismal IT exam failure rate was due to a lack of understanding of the practical side of IT. People were reading about topics such as DHCP, but they never sank in.

We have turned teaching IT on its head. You learn by doing. Watch the video and follow along with the instructor using free software and free trials. That’s how you learn stuff and remember it.

What are the costs?

If you hit the Get Started button anywhere on the site or on the top menu, you will see all the details. We are continually adding courses. There are also coupons inside our books which reduce the cost.

What's the refund policy?

You can enjoy the site for 30 days OR complete 30 labs (whichever comes first) and then ask for a refund. Best to drop us a ticket via the helpdesk.

How do I cancel?

After you log in, you can see on the Members Menu the My Account link. You can cancel there. This is the only way to cancel. Your membership will run until the next renewal date.

Is it worth my money to join?

The typical fee for IT exams is $250, and your chances of passing the first time round are around 40%. We aim to get you up to a 90% chance of passing. If you add that to the current day rate for your chosen career (as a CCNA or network engineer, for example), we hope you agree it’s well worth the investment.

As you can imagine, each course takes many months and tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

What's included? Do I need to buy books?

Membership includes access to every course listed on the Courses page. Every two months we add another course.

You learn almost every exam subject by doing hands-on labs. Some topics (such as the OSI model) can’t be taught via labs. For this reason we recommend you either purchase a study guide or do some online research and make notes. It’s down to you to check the syllabus of your exam vendor to make sure you are prepared. It can be subject to change without notice.

Each course on this website has an accompanying book on Amazon in print and Kindle format. You don’t need to purchase this book unless you prefer to have something in readable format to study from.

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Learn by Doing

The dismal failure rate for IT exams shows us that most students are going about their exam preparations the wrong way. We turn the entire learning experience on its head by teaching you how to configure the technology—be it NAT, DHCP, firewalls, subnetting or configuring wireless security.

Try us out for 30 days and see why we are getting a 90% exam success rate. Membership gives you access to all video courses and each course comes with 200 exam-style prep questions.