1. Which of these Linux distributions is derived from Red Hat?

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2. Which of the following open source applications is a desktop e-mail client?

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3. Debian Linux comes with which package manager built in?

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4. Which of the following open source packages includes a file share?

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5. You are releasing, as open source, a software program meant to be used over a network. What license should you use if you want to ensure that anyone who modifies and lets others use the program must also share the source?

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6. Which of the following is not considered a common character class for enforcing strong passwords?

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7. Which 'history' flag would you use to remove a single item from the shell history?

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8. What is the name of the predecessor to Bash?

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9. What happens if you unset the PATH variable in a Bash session?

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10. Which directory does not contain useful help information?

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11. Which command should you run before using 'locate' for the first time?

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12. You want information on the 'time()' system call, but 'man time' instead just gets you information on the shell command. How should you correct this?

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13. Which of the following is an absolute path?

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14. Where would the home directory for user 'bob' be located?

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15. Which combination of options to 'ls' will include a human-readable size in the output?

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16. Which flag to 'ls' will list hidden files?

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17. What happens if you run 'rmdir' on a directory that contains files?

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18. Which path would be listed by 'ls *.*'?

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19. What is the fastest way to move a large file to another location on the same filesystem?

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20. Which combination of options would you pass to 'tar' to create a gzipped tarball?

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21. Which archive format is not supported by 'tar'?

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22. Choose the string matched by this regular expression: ^$

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23. Which redirection operator would you use to send only stderr to a file, overwriting whatever is there?

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24. What will be the output of the following command?

echo 'foobarbaz' | grep b | sort -r

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25. What special variable contains the current process ID?

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26. What special variable contains the list of arguments passed to a script?

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27. What will the following shell script do?

while true; do
echo "hello"

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28. What special variable contains the name of the current shell or script being run?

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29. What happens if you forget to include the shebang (#!) line in a script?

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30. Which exit status means that the previous command exited successfully, without error?

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31. Which of these devices most likely represents a printer?

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32. When setting up disks on a new system, you want to configure multiple logical volumes rather than allocating partitions based on the physical disks. Which tool would you use?

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33. What directory is typically used when manually mounting an external disk or file share?

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34. Which directory contains files representing disk partitions, TTY's, and other system devices?

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35. What does the 'free' command do?

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36. The 'dmesg' command will show you what type of system logs?

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37. The /etc/hosts file could be considered a static replacement for what network protocol?

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38. Which file, historically, has been where the DNS nameservers were configured?

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39. What is root's user ID?

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40. Which of the following is not a typical default characteristic of system users, relative to normal users?

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41. Which field is not included in /etc/passwd?

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42. Which field is not included in /etc/shadow?

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43. Which field is not present in /etc/group?

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44. What is the purpose of giving /usr/bin/passwd 'setuid root' permissions?

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45. How would the following command set permissions for foo.txt?

chmod 600 foo.txt

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46. What would the octal representation be of these permissions, as returned by 'ls -l'?


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47. Which of the following is not true about hard links?

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48. Which of the following is not true about symbolic links?

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49. What will be the output of the following command?

echo 'foobarbaz' | grep '.*' | wc -l

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50. What will be the output of the following command?

echo 'foobarbaz' | head -2 | cut -da -f2

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