Module 1Wireshark Functionality
Unit 1Wireshark Introduction
Unit 2Wireshark GUI
Unit 3Wireshark Main Menu
Unit 4Wireshark Capture Interface Options
Unit 5Wireshark Performance Optimization
Unit 6Wireshark Capture Filters
Unit 7Wireshark Protocol-Addresses Capture Filters
Unit 8Wireshark Advanced Capture Filters
Unit 9Customize User Interface Settings
Unit 10Custom Capture Preference
Unit 11Names Resolution Preference
Unit 12Colorize Traffic Preferences
Unit 13Temporary Colors
Unit 14Packet Time Reference
Unit 15Additional Time Columns and Summary
Unit 16Statistics (Protocols – Conversation)
Unit 17Statistics (Endpoint – Packet Lengths)
Unit 18Statistics (IO Graph - Udp Streams - IPv4)
Unit 19Display Filters - Basics
Unit 20Display Filters - Saved Filters and Right Click Creation
Unit 21Display Filters - Conversations_Endpoint - Comparison Operators
Unit 22Display Filters - Field Existence and Byte Content
Unit 23Display Filters - Keywords
Unit 24TCP Streams
Unit 25Profiles
Unit 26Annotation and Saving
Unit 27Export Menu
Unit 28Save Packet Bytes and Packet Dissection
Unit 29Expert Info
Module 2TCP/IP Network Communications
Unit 1TCP-IP Port Number - Network Name Resolution
Unit 2Route - MAC Resolution
Unit 3Domain Name System
Unit 4DNS Problems
Unit 5DNS Dissection
Unit 6Address Resolution Protocol
Unit 7ARP Packet Structure
Unit 8Internet Protocol
Unit 9IP Packet Structure
Unit 10IP Filtering
Unit 11Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Unit 12ICMP Problems
Unit 13ICMP Packet Structure
Unit 14User Datagram Protocol
Unit 15UDP Problems and Packet Structure
Unit 16Transmission Control Protocol
Unit 17TCP – Sequential Management
Unit 18TCP Packet Loss
Unit 19TCP Problems
Unit 20TCP Packet Structure
Unit 21TCP Filtering
Unit 22TCP Preferences
Unit 23Basic Graphs
Unit 24Advanced IO Graphs
Unit 25Traffic Trend Comparison in IO Graphs
Unit 26Round Trip Time and Throughput Rates
Unit 27TCP Sequence Numbers
Unit 28TCP Window Size Issues
Module 3Network Services
Unit 1Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Unit 2DHCP Problems
Unit 3DHCP Packet Structure
Unit 4DHCP Statistics and Filters
Unit 5Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Unit 6HTTP Problems
Unit 7HTTP Packet Structure
Unit 8HTTP Filtering
Unit 9HTTP Statistics
Unit 10HTTPS Communications
Unit 11File Transfer Protocol
Unit 12FTP Problems and Packet Structure
Unit 13Email Traffic – Post Office Protocol
Unit 14POP Packet Structure and Filtering
Unit 15Email Traffic – Simple Mail Traffic Protocol
Unit 16SMTP Packet Structure and Filtering
Module 4Wireless Networking
Unit 1WLAN Capturing Modes and Decrypting
Unit 2WLAN Header Settings
Unit 3802.11 Traffic Basics
Unit 4802.11 Traffic Basics
Unit 5802.11 Frame Control Field
Unit 6Voice Over Internet Protocol
Unit 7VoIP Problems
Unit 8SIP and RTP Traffic
Unit 9VoIP Playback
Module 5Network Baselines and Security
Unit 1Baseline Traffic Pattern (Broadcast/Multicast, Protocols/Applications)
Unit 2Baseline Traffic Pattern (Boot Up - VoIP)
Unit 3Troubleshoot Performance Problems
Unit 4Slow Processing Time
Unit 5Packet Loss, Misconfiguration and Redirections
Unit 6Payload Sizes, Congestion and Faults
Unit 7Network Forensics
Unit 8Handle Evidence and Unusual Traffic Patterns
Unit 9Detect Scanning and Discovery Processes
Unit 10TCP Scan
Unit 11UDP and IP Scan
Unit 12Idle Scan and ICMP Traceroute
Unit 13Application mapping, OS Fingerprint and IP spoofing
Unit 14Vulnerabilities, Malformed Packets and Dark Addresses
Unit 15Flood, Clear text password and unusual applications
Unit 16Route Redirection, ARP Poisoning and TCP Splicing
Unit 17Command Line Tools
Module 6Exams
Unit 1Exam 1
Unit 2Exam 2
Unit 3Exam 3
Unit 4Exam 4