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101 Labs – LPI Web Development Essentials

The LPI Web Development Essentials certification is a beginner-level certification offered by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). It’s designed to validate your fundamental knowledge and skills in web development and equip you with the essentials to kickstart your career in this field.

Updated for the latest exam syllabus:

  • 030-100

Web Development Certification Training

Key aspects of the LPI Web Development Essentials certification:

Target Audience: This certification is ideal for beginners who want to gain a solid foundation in web development, students looking to enhance their IT skills, or anyone interested in creating simple web applications.

Topics Covered: The certification covers essential web development topics, including:

  • Software development basics: Introduction to software development, basic programming concepts, and software development processes.
  • Web application architecture: Understanding the client-server model, web servers, and basic web application components.
  • HTML: The fundamentals of HTML structure, syntax, and elements.
  • CSS: Basic styling concepts, selectors, properties, and layout techniques.
  • JavaScript: Introduction to JavaScript syntax, variables, functions, and DOM manipulation.
  • Node.js: Basic server-side programming with Node.js and understanding its role in web applications.
  • SQL: Introduction to databases and the Structured Query Language (SQL) for managing and retrieving data.

Exam Details:

  • Exam Code: 030-100
  • Format: 40 questions within 60 minutes
  • Prerequisites: None, anyone can take the exam
  • Validity Period: Lifetime
  • Languages: English, Japanese
  • Cost: Varies depending on location (check the LPI website for pricing in your country)

This course is 100% hands-on training. If you want to study the theory for your LPI Web Development Essentials exam, please visit our sister website

Taking this course:

  • Demonstrates foundational knowledge: Proves to employers that you have a solid understanding of web development concepts and principles.
  • Enhances career prospects: Opens doors to entry-level web development positions and further learning opportunities.
  • Builds confidence: Gives you the confidence to start building simple web applications and exploring more advanced topics.
  • Gives you access to 400 practice test questions
  • Gives you a huge edge in your LPI Web Development Essentials exam

Overall, the LPI Web Development Essentials certification is a valuable stepping stone for those starting their journey in web development. It provides a solid foundation in the essential concepts and skills, preparing you for further learning and career opportunities.

Module 1 Setting Up
Unit 1 Installing the Necessary Software Part 1 and 2  
Module 2 Web Development Foundations
Unit 1 Introduction to Source Code and Code Editors  
Unit 2 Understanding Programming Paradigms  
Unit 3 Compilers and Interpreters  
Unit 4 Client-Server Interaction with Web Application Packaging  
Unit 5 Version Control Systems  
Unit 6 Browsers and Web Technologies  
Unit 7 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)  
Unit 8 Understanding HTTP Basics  
Unit 9 HTTP Messages, Static and Dynamic Content  
Module 3 HTML
Unit 1 Creating Your First HTML Document  
Unit 2 HTML Attributes and Metadata  
Unit 3 Comments and Self-Closing Elements  
Unit 4 HTML Text Elements  
Unit 5 HTML List Elements  
Unit 6 Inline Text Formatting