Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification

Cisco CCNP Enterprise engineers are usually found in third-tier support or consulting roles. They can plan, install, configure and troubleshoot large networks.

The CCNP Enterprise exams test you on advanced routing and redistribution, spanning tree, security, high availability, troubleshooting and more.

This course prepares for the following two CCNP Enterprise exams:

  • 350-401 – ENCOR
  • 300-410 – ENARSI

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Training

The Cisco CCNP exams are notoriously difficult, you have to configure and troubleshoot multiple protocols, services and technologies in a complex environment. The new exams cover a broad range of topics and the CCNP ENCOR now qualifies you to take the CCIE lab practical.

Use our live Cisco CCNP racks to configure all the labs or copy our topology into your home rack or GNS3. Every lab tackles one main and several sub-topics such as EIGRP with NAT or access lists. The course finished with challenging muli-technology labs. All labs have solutions and the troubleshooting labs have downloadable configurations and solutions.

You cover topics such as IPv6 addressing, EIGRP, OSPF and OSPFv3, BGP, SNMP, GRE, Multicast, Redistribution, RIP, VTP, VLANS, STP and much more. Every lab is a deep dive into the subject so you get a good understanding and prepare yourself for the exams.

This course is 100% hands-on training. If you need to study for the Cisco CCNP ENCOR or ENARSI please check out our sister website

Follow along with our experts as we configure and troubleshoot all of the CCNP-level services and protocols. There are more than $400 worth of Cisco CCNP practice tests included to guarantee your success come exam day.

Take this course if you:

  • Have passed your Cisco CCNA and want to study towards CCNP
  • Want to learn advanced networking concepts such as BGP
  • Need to prepare for technical IT CCNP job interviews
  • Want to sharpen your hands-on skills
  • Are interested in network consulting or high level support roles
  • Want free 24/7 access to live Cisco equipment to practice on
Module 1Switching Technologies
Unit 1VLANs, VTP, DTP and STP
Unit 2VLANs, VTP, DTP and STP
Unit 3LACP, PAgP, Multiple STP
Unit 4MLS, EtherChannels and Security
Unit 5DHCP Source Guard and 802.1x
Unit 6HSRP and Switch Security
Unit 7HSRP and STP Convergence
Unit 8SNMP, Logging and Management
Unit 9QoS, Voice and Video Support
Unit 10Router, Port and VLAN ACLs
Module 2RIP
Unit 1Configure RIPv2
Unit 2RIPv2 with EIGRP
Module 3EIGRP
Unit 1EIGRP Multi -Technology
Unit 2EIGRP Multi -Technology Lab
Unit 3EIGRP Multi -Technology Lab
Unit 4EIGRP Multi -Technology Lab
Unit 5EIGRP Multi -Technology Lab
Unit 6EIGRP Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 7EIGRP Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 8EIGRP Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 9EIGRP Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 10EIGRP Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 11EIGRP - Load Balancing
Module 4OSPF
Unit 1OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 2OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 3OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 4OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 5OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 6OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 7OSPF Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 8OSPF Multi-Technology Lab
Unit 9OSPF Multi-Technology Lab
Unit 10OSPF Multi-Technology Lab
Module 5BGP
Unit 1Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 2Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 3Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 4Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 5Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 6Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 7Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 8Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 9Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Unit 10Border Gateway Protocol Lab
Module 6IPv6 Routing
Unit 1IPv6 RIPng Lab
Unit 2IPv6 RIPng & OSPFv3 Lab
Unit 3OSPFv3 Lab
Unit 4IPv6 MP-BGP
Unit 5IPv6 Tunneling
Unit 6IPv6 Tunnels and Security
Unit 7IPv6 Tunneling
Unit 8IPv6 ISATAP Tunnels
Unit 9GRE Tunnels with RIPng
Module 7Object Tracking and Policy Based Routing
Unit 1Cisco IOS IP SLA and FHRP
Unit 2EOT & FHRP
Unit 4Policy Based Routing
Unit 5Policy Based Routing
Unit 6Policy Based Routing
Unit 7PBR, SLA & EOT
Unit 11Embedded Event Manager
Unit 12Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
Module 8Logging and Accounting
Unit 1Syslog & NTP
Unit 2SNMPv2 Traps & Informs
Unit 3Netflow & Accounting
Unit 6Syslog & SNMPv3
Unit 7Multicast - PIM Dense Mode Lab
Unit 8Multicast - PIM Sparse Mode Lab
Unit 9Multicast - PIM Auto RP Lab
Module 9Branch Office and PPPoE
Unit 1Branch Office - HSRP, IPSec VPN & Routing
Unit 2Branch Office Connectivity Lab
Unit 3PPPoE PAP Lab
Unit 5Branch Office - Routing and NAT
Module 10Multi-Technology Labs
Unit 1Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 2Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 3Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 4Multi - Technology Lab
Unit 5Multi - Technology Lab
Module 11Troubleshooting Labs
Unit 1Read Me
Unit 2Troubleshooting Lab 1
Unit 3Troubleshooting Lab 2
Unit 4Troubleshooting Lab 3
Unit 5Troubleshooting Lab 4
Unit 6Troubleshooting Lab 5
Unit 7Troubleshooting Lab 6
Unit 8Troubleshooting Lab 7
Unit 9Troubleshooting Lab 8
Unit 10Troubleshooting Lab 9
Unit 11Troubleshooting Lab 10
Unit 12Troubleshooting Lab 11
Unit 13Troubleshooting Lab 12
Unit 14Troubleshooting Lab 13
Unit 15Troubleshooting Lab 14
Unit 16Troubleshooting Lab 15
Module 12Practice Exams
Unit 1Exam 1
Unit 2Exam 2
Unit 3Exam 3
Unit 4Exam 4