CompTIA PenTest+ Labs

CompTIA PenTest+ Labs

CompTIA certifications are ideal for beginners who want to pass a vendor-neutral exam. They are required if you want to work in any government role, including for companies that subcontract on government work.

Much of the PenTest+ exam relies on your hands-on experience configuring and troubleshooting penetration testing tools and software. PenTest+ labs will give you that knowledge and confidence. We walk you through every aspect of the syllabus explaining the tools you can use and how to configure them.

101 Labs – CompTIA PenTest+ has been updated for the latest exam syllabus:

  • PT0-002 – CompTIA PenTest+

CompTIA PenTest+ Labs

We take you by the hand and guide you through the CompTIA PenTest+ exam syllabus topics. There are more than $400 worth of practice exams included to guarantee your success come exam day.

PenTest+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the US DoD to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements.

CompTIA PenTest+ is the perfect starting block for a range of careers including cyber security, ethical hacker, security consultant and many others. You can progress onto the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification if you wish.

Penetration testers are in very high demand because they can expose holes in network security for their companies or clients. They can work from home both full time, part time or as a freelancer. Study this course in conjunction with Linux, Ethical Hacking, Wireshark and Security+ to really boost your knowledge and skill set.

This course shows you how to carry out security scans on network to find vulnerabilities and analyze results. You learn how to use common hacking tools as well as Kali Linux. It’s all hands-on so if you want to learn the theory please check out our sister website for the PenTest+ theory course.

Follow along every step of the way as our expert instructor shares tips and secrets you can use not only to pass the exam but to succeed in the real world of internetworking.

Take this course if you:

  • Want to lay a foundation for a career in security
  • Are new to the world of IT security and want to learn all the basics
  • Don’t feel ready for advanced exams such as Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Want an understanding of network security, hacking tools and technology
  • Want to gain confidence in your hands-on IT skills
  • Want to gain an edge in your PenTest+ exam
Module 1 Module 1
Unit 1 DNS Lookups  
Unit 2 Google Hacking  
Unit 3 Shodan  
Unit 4 Recon-ng  
Unit 5 CWE  
Unit 6 CVE  
Unit 7 Host Enumeration  
Unit 8 Service Enumeration  
Unit 9 Domains Enumeration  
Unit 10 URL Enumeration  
Unit 11 Crawling Websites  
Unit 12 Scraping Websites  
Unit 13 Manual Inspection of Web Links  
Unit 14 Load Balancer Detection  
Unit 15 WAF Detection  
Unit 16 Firewall Detection  
Unit 17 Network Sniffing  
Unit 18 Detection Avoidance  
Unit 19 Fingerprinting OS  
Unit 20 Scan Identified Targets for Vulnerabilities  
Module 2 Module 2
Unit 1 Set Scan Settings to Avoid Detection  
Unit 2 Stealth Scan  
Unit 3 TCP Connect Scan  
Unit 4 NSE  
Unit 5 Nmap Switches Detailed  
Unit 6 Vulnerability testing tools that facilitate automation  
Unit 7 Exploit Database  
Unit 8 Packet storm  
Unit 9 ARP poisoning  
Unit 10 Password attacks: hash cracking, brute force, dictionary  
Unit 11 MITM  
Unit 12 DNS Cache Poisoning  
Unit 13 MAC Spoofing  
Unit 14 Metasploit  
Unit 15 Netcat  
Unit 16 Nmap Threat Modeling  
Unit 17 Business Logic Flaws  
Unit 18 Injection Attacks  
Unit 19 Session Attacks  
Unit 20 Web Proxies  
Module 3 Module 3
Unit 1 SQLMap  
Unit 2 Wordlists  
Unit 3 Email Phishing  
Unit 4 Watering hole attack  
Unit 5 BeEF  
Unit 6 Empire  
Unit 7 Mimikatz  
Unit 8 BloodHound  
Unit 9 Pass The Hash  
Unit 10 Upgrading a Restrictive shell  
Unit 11 Trojans  
Unit 12 Backdoor Shells  
Unit 13 Scheduled Tasks  
Unit 14 Living off the Land  
Unit 15 Data Transfer  
Unit 16 Covering Your Tracks  
Unit 17 Steganograhpy  
Unit 18 Local Enumeration  
Unit 19 Loops  
Unit 20 Conditionals  
Module 4 Module 4
Unit 1 Boolean Operators  
Unit 2 String Operators  
Unit 3 Arithmetic Operators  
Unit 4 Lists  
Unit 5 Dictionaries  
Unit 6 Libraries  
Unit 7 Classes  
Unit 8 Procedures  
Unit 9 Functions  
Unit 10 Shells  
Unit 11 Python  
Unit 12 Script Analysis  
Unit 13 Nikto  
Unit 14 OpenVAS  
Unit 15 Wapiti  
Unit 16 WPScan  
Unit 17 Hashcat  
Unit 18 Medusa  
Unit 19 Ptatator  
Unit 20 DirBuster  
Module 5 Module 5
Unit 1 OllyDbg  
Unit 2 Immunity Debugger  
Unit 3 Whois  
Unit 4 Nslookup  
Unit 5 FOCA  
Unit 6 theHarvester  
Unit 7 Maltego  
Unit 8 Kismet  
Unit 9 Wifite  
Unit 10 Reaver  
Unit 11 Fern  
Unit 12 Gobuster  
Unit 13 SSH  
Unit 14 Ncat  
Unit 15 ProxyChains  
Unit 16 Wireshark  
Unit 17 PowerSploit  
Unit 18 Responder  
Unit 19 Impacket  
Unit 20 Sonic Visualizer  
Unit 21 Metagoofil  
Module 6 Exams
Unit 1 Exam 1  
Unit 2 Exam 2  
Unit 3 Exam 3  
Unit 4 Exam 4