CompTIA Performance Based Questions – PBQs

Back in the day, in order to become IT certified, you just needed to turn up and pass the exam by ticking the correct answers. The only exception was perhaps the Cisco CCIE which consisted of a 3-hour exam and an 8-hour practical lab. That probably explained why CCIEs were so highly paid. Of course, […]

Paul Browning paulwbrowning November 25

Configure ARP and Proxy ARP

Without ARP your packets can’t traverse the network. In fact, the entire internet would grind to a halt. In this lab we cover a simple ARP and Proxy ARP scenario.  

Paul Browning paulwbrowning November 17

Free IP Subnetting Quiz

Hope you enjoy it.

Paul Browning paulwbrowning November 11

How Long Does it Take to Get a Security+ Certification?

How long does it take to get a Security+ Certification? There are so many paths to consider for budding security experts that the mind can sometimes boggle. Even after making the big division between technical and non-technical, you still have a huge range of categories and sub-categories. Oftentimes, a newbie to the IT security industry […]

Paul Browning paulwbrowning November 03

How to Hot Swap a Component

Hot swapping allows you to change a network component without having to power down the device. Think servers or large network switches. Hot swapping prevents downtime but you do need to check with the vendor that the device and component is compatible for hot swapping. This is one lab from our 101 Labs – CompTIA […]

Paul Browning paulwbrowning October 27