What is Python?

In March 2022, the Python programming language took the top spot on the TIOBE index for the first time. Over the past 20 years, Python has consistently been one of the world’s most popular computer software languages. Python is a pillar of the software world and is found spread throughout the entire IT industry. If […]

Study Tips

Practical Learning

“Practice makes perfect” is thought of as a cliche nowadays, but the fact is that it is an incredibly important and effective element of overall learning. In all your years as a student, you likely have already realized that reading about concepts and terms is not nearly enough to learn everything you need to know […]


CCNA Exam – Everything You Need to Know

The Cisco CCNA exam is considered by many to be the premier IT certification and with good reason. Cisco has ensured the quality and relevance of the exam by continually polling their customers to find out what skills they consider important for their network engineers. Even though it’s considered an entry-level networking certification, it has […]


Is the Linux+ Worth it?

Microsoft Windows may still command the traditional office workstation market, but Linux is the dominant operating system when it comes to performance computing. Linux runs on virtually 100% of the supercomputers in the world and also dominates the market for web services, cloud, big data, mobile devices, IoT devices, manufacturing industrial control systems (ICS), and […]

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Top Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs

So, you have a passion for cybersecurity? Or maybe you have just heard about all the action in the global threat landscape through the news and want to know what is actually going on? Let’s take a broad look at what is happening in the world of cybersecurity in 2022 and identify the top entry-level […]

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