CompTIA Cisco TCP-IP

Configure IOT Devices

Please download Cisco Packet Tracer which is a free network simulation tool for this lab. This lab is from our CompTIA Network+ hands-on lab course to which all members have access.

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MAC Flooding Lab

MAC flooding is a type of attack in which legitimate MAC table contents are being replaced with the attacker’s desired ones by sending unicast flooding to network switches.  

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How to Install Kali Linux

If you want to know how to install Kali Linux, then follow along with these simple steps. It’s best installed onto a virtual machine. If you want the PDF version of this lab, you can find the download link at the very bottom.


Administrative Distance Explained

Administrative distance is used to determine the reliability of one source of routing information from another. Some sources are considered more reliable than others are; therefore, administrative distance can be used to determine the best or preferred path to a destination network or network node when there are two or more different paths to the […]


BGP Configuration

BGP configuration is tested in exams such as the CompTIA Network+, Cisco CCNA, and CCNP. You will also be expected to configure and support BGP in network support roles, especially at Internet Service Providers