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101 Labs Book Giveaway

You read it right. I’m giving away every one of my 101 Labs books as well as my two Cisco CCNA study guides and Easy Subnetting book. Read on for details.  


IPv6 Subnetting

IPv6 doesn’t need subnetting necessarily however, you may want to do it for administration or routing purposes. IPv6 subnetting is tested in exams such as the Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Network+ so it’s well worth knowing.  


How to Change the Native VLAN

The native VLAN is simply the default VLAN all ports are in on your network switch. Frame in the native VLAN are untagged by default and represent a security vulnerability. It’s an important security step. Native VLAN numbers must match on either side of a trunk link.  


What is Python?

In March 2022, the Python programming language took the top spot on the TIOBE index for the first time. Over the past 20 years, Python has consistently been one of the world’s most popular computer software languages. Python is a pillar of the software world and is found spread throughout the entire IT industry. If […]