About 101labs

We are a team of passionate IT professionals from all walks of life working in multiple roles, from helpdesk, security and wireless to networking and cloud support. Many of us have been working in the IT industry since the ’90s. Our certifications range from MCSE to CCIE.

We spend some of our time teaching IT certification on websites such as howtonetwork.com but we aren’t IT trainers, we work on live networks doing configurations, support and troubleshooting. Many of us work for large international companies carrying out complex security and design tasks so we really walk the walk. Our goal is simple: to teach you how to pass your IT exams and give you the confidence to work on live networks. Instead of telling you how it’s done, we show you. Using virtual machines, free trials and free software (such as Cisco Packet Tracer), you follow along with our experts.

Learning by doing is the method used to teach fighter pilots, mechanics, police pursuit drivers and many other specialists. You retain only 10% of what you read but over 75% of what you do. This is why our method works.

You can use our books, our video training or both. Every video course comes with 200 exam-style questions so you are well prepared for the real thing. Do our labs over and over again and see your knowledge and confidence dramatically improve allowing you to pass your exams and get rewarding and well paid work in the IT industry. We look forward to helping you.

Paul Browning – CEO

Our Mission

Since 2004, we’ve been helping people just like you to pass their IT exams and enjoy a successful career in the world of IT.

The pace of change in the world of IT has sped up rapidly. Where you could have made an career out of a single skill in 2002 you now need to understand TCP/IP, IT Security, Linux, Cloud Networking and more. Your hands- on skills are more important now than ever.

Our mission is simple – to give you the skills and confidence to carry out your IT role in the real world.


Our Vision

We hope to train 100,000 students to pass their IT exams using our unique lab training method.

Anybody can pass, you just need to have a plan that works and then do the work. It’s that simple.


Some of Our Students Results

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