1. Which of the following describes physically securing a laptop?

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2. Which of the following devices can be used to facilitate the connection of multiple devices to attach to your laptop?

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3. Which of the following devices is used to extend the coverage of the wireless router?

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4. An e-reader is a handheld device for accessing books, magazines, newspapers or documents

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5. Which of the following are benefits of using patch panel and network jack labelling?

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6. Which of the following are few advantages of using SSDs over magnetic HDDs?

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7. Which device takes input from a user's finger or a stylus and converts the content from analogue input to digital format on the computer?

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8. What type of connector is shown below by a small lightning symbol?

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9. Which of the following components are built-in into the motherboard of a laptop and are not replaceable?

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10. Which of the following is a short distance, line-of-sight and a point-to-point communication method?

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11. An anti-virus program describes a disguised system that appears to be of interest or value to lure an attacker

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12. Which of the following statements are true about the hub?

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13. A tone generator contains two parts e.g. toner and probe. Which of the following are functions of these two?

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14. Which of the following statements are not true about a router?

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15. Which cloud method gives the advantage of pay-as-you-grow and using this method, you can scale up or scale down the infrastructure as you may need?

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16. Which of the following tools is used to remove the outer layer of a cable to get the cables within?

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17. Which of the following, if configured incorrectly, would cause a reachability issue of a host to subnets outside of its own?

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18. Network firewalls protect an internal network from the threats coming from the Internet and work on Layer 7 of the OSI model

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19. You have chosen to use a class C network address. What is the default subnet mask or CIDR notation that you should configure on the hosts?

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20. Which of the following protocols is developed by Apple as a file transfer protocol similar to FTP?

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21. Which of the following wireless standards has the longest range by default?

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22. Which TCP/IP standard is used to automatically configure hosts that are unable to reach or get an IP address from a DHCP server?

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23. Which of the following are characteristics of a SODIMM chip?

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24. Using dual-channel RAM, a system can access separate memory chips simultaneously over each channel

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25. Which of the following are considered as PAN technologies?

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26. Identify the connector shown below

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27. You need to increase the fault tolerance of your system using three hard disk drives. Which of the following options is your best choice?


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28. Which of the following benefits DDR4 RAM provides over DDR3?

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29. Which type of printing technology heats up spots on special waxy, heat-sensitive paper to form the image?

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30. Which of the following cabling standard supports the speed of 20 Gbps?

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31. Which of the following cable types typically connects a hard drive or optical drive to the motherboard?

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32. Using which CPU technology, the operating system can schedule two processes at the same time on each physical core?

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33. Which of the following is a series of system checks performed by the system BIOS?

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34. An emulator allows the virtual machine to be moved to a different physical machine

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35. Which of the following are some of the benefits of using cloud-based email services?

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36. Which type of cloud service a company can use to provides resources to its branch offices from the main office?

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37. Which of the following service type requires the network management expertise from the client and also the client provides and manages the software?

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38. Your company is planning to keep some data in on-premise storage and wants to move some in the cloud-bases storage. Which cloud model provides this solution?

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39. Which cloud service is similar to a shared private cloud with responsibilities and benefits collaboratively shared among more than one organization?

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40. Which of the following mobile features is not disabled, when a mobile phone is put in the airplane mode?

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41. Which of the following can be a primary cause for the intermittent problem in internet browsing on a desktop machine?

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42. Which of the following occurs when the system is unable to detect the display drivers for the video card?

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43. A user complains that he sees oversizes images and icons on his monitor. What could be the possible reasons?

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44. You power on a desktop computer, and you hear the fan noise. However, the screen is black and you do not see anything on it. Which component is likely causing the problem?

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45. Which type of log file contains events, such as successful and failed logins?

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46. In a wireless network, slow network transfer speeds can be caused by too many users connected to one wireless access point

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47. On a Windows laptop, which command can be used to see whether it is making any TCP/IP connections on port 443?

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48. One of the users in your company complains that he is getting incorrect data on the website under his browser, and he is not able to see the updated version of the website. Which of the following commands can be used to fix the issue on his Windows PC?

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49. A user's Windows machine always attempts to boot to the USB drive, from where this setting can be changed so that the machine boots to the hard drive?

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50. Which command will allow you to verify the DNS entries on the name resolution server?

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