1. If the UDP protocol decoding process is disabled in Wireshark, applications that use UDP (such as DHCP and DNS) can still be decoded.

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2. This protocol acts as the routable network layer protocol and used to get packets from end-to end on a TCP/IP network, Identify this protocol.

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3. Any ICMP packets does not include portions of the original packet which triggered the ICMP response.

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4. High number of RSTs or a high number of SYN/ACKs with no related data transfer, this clearly indicates that TCP scan is in progress.

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5. GeoIP feature available in Wireshark launches an OpenStreetMap view of the world from the Endpoints window to plot IP addresses which are captured in the trace file.

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6. Identify a correct statement about TCP acknowledgment & sequence numbering.

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This TCP Round Trip Time graph indicates the highest round trip latency time seen in this
trace file is 1 millisecond.

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Identify a correct statement for the packet shown in below image.

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Wireshark can import CSV (comma separated value) format files for further analysis.

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10. Wireshark's Export feature can be used to identify HTTP objects and reassemble them into
their original format.

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A custom column can be added to and rearranged in the Packet List pane.

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Which statement about the TCP stream shown below is correct ?

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13. Which driver is used to capture packets when Wireshark is running on a Apple computer?

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14. Which of these filters can be used both as a capture and display filter ?

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15. Which format is used by capture filters ?

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Which statement about the settings shown in the Preferences window below is correct ?


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17. What is the purpose of creating Wireshark profiles?

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18. Wireshark can playback encrypted VoIP conversations.

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19. Which display filter shows all the TCP Expert Infos warnings and notes ?

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Any display filters created and saved while viewing the trace file shown above will be saved in the 'Default' profile directory.

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Which statement about the highlighted capture filter shown below is correct?

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22. Which display filter is used to view all DHCPv4 traffic ?

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23. Which traffic type may be seen when you connect Wireshark directly to a switch without configuring port spanning or port mirroring?

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24. Which address type can be mapped with Wireshark's GeoIP mapping services?

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25. Which traffic characteristic is commonly seen when analyzing database record transfers?

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26. Which communication can be used by a host to dynamically join a multicast group?

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27. How can you quickly identify all WLAN BSSIDs seen in a trace file?

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28. Which Wireshark element can be created using the display filter syntax?

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29. How do you determine which Profile is in use while you are capturing traffic?

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30. Which item can be saved with a Wireshark profile?

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31. Which statement about the Coloring Rules configuration shown below is correct ?


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32. Which statement about capture filters is correct?

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33. Which Advanced IO Graph Calc function would be best for graphing the frequency of tcp.analysis.retransmission packets?

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34. Why can't ARP packets be routed?

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35. Which condition could cause you to see ARP queries, but not ARP responses in a trace?

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36. What term does Wireshark use to define TCP retransmissions that occur within 20 ms of a Duplicate ACK?

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37. What is the maximum value that can be defined in the TCP Window Size field?

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38. Which statement about DHCP communications is correct?

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Which statement about the packet shown above is correct ?

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Which statement about the ICMP packet shown below is correct?

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41. Which file contains the TCP Expert information ?


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42. What type of device can alter IP header addressing?

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43. Which transport layer protocol is used for multicast traffic?

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44. Which step is required when you want to export the TCP Calculated Window Size information shown in the packet below for analysis in a CSV format file?


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Which DNS function is used to enable a target DNS server to ask another server for an answer on behalf of the DNS client?

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46. Which feature is supported by IO Graphs ?

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47. Which statement about TCP sequence and acknowledgment numbering is correct?

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Which statement about the DNS packet shown below is correct?


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Which statement about the packet shown below is correct ?

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50. What is the purpose of a DNS CNAME?

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