10 Reasons to Learn Linux in 2023

It’s a brand new year, and I’m probably going to repeat the same advice I did last year. You’re welcome.

IT has changed, and you must change with it. You need to understand multiple disciplines if you want to keep your job and thrive. This includes some cloud, some project management, some IPv6, some security, and some Linux. Of course, one of these areas you will be expert level in.

Here are just ten reasons I think you should learn Linux this year but there are many more I’m sure. Of course, we have a Linux+ certification lab course here.

  1. Linux is open-source software: One of the biggest reasons to learn Linux is that it is open-source software, which means that the source code is publicly available and can be modified by anyone. This allows for a large and active community of developers to constantly improve and innovate the operating system.
  2. Linux is stable and secure: Linux is known for its stability and security. The open-source nature of Linux allows for a wide range of people to review the code, which helps to identify and fix any potential vulnerabilities.
  3. Linux is versatile: Linux can be used on a wide range of devices, including servers, desktop computers, and even smartphones. This makes it a versatile operating system that can be used in a variety of settings.
  4. Linux is lightweight: Linux is a lightweight operating system that requires fewer resources than other operating systems, which makes it a great option for older or less powerful machines.
  5. Linux is cost-effective: Because Linux is open-source software, it is free to use, distribute, and modify. This can save businesses and individuals a lot of money, as they do not have to pay for expensive licenses.
  6. Linux offers a high level of control: Linux allows users a high level of control over their operating system, which can be beneficial for people who need to make specific changes or configurations.
  7. Linux is a great choice for developers: Linux is a great choice for developers as it offers a wide range of programming tools and languages, including C, C++, Python, and many others.
  8. Linux is supported by a large and active community: Linux has a large and active community that can provide support and assistance when needed. This community is constantly working to improve the operating system and develop new software.
  9. Linux is used by some of the largest organizations: Linux is used by some of the largest organizations in the world, including Google, IBM, and NASA, which highlights its reliability and scalability.
  10. Linux is an excellent learning tool: Linux is an excellent learning tool for those interested in computer science, as it offers a chance to learn about the inner workings of an operating system and the command line.

Learning Linux in 2023 would be a great step forward for your career in the field of IT. With the increasing use of Linux systems in various industry, Businesses look for skilled professionals who can handle Linux systems and the open-source software that runs on it. Linux offers many advantages over other operating systems and is a valuable skill to have in today’s job market. Whether you are a student, a developer, or a system administrator, Linux is an excellent operating system to learn.

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